High Pressure and Brush Washing Machine with Rotary Table

Cleaning heavy engine blocks and other greasy components are very easy now, thanks to KSP’s new HPWM EVO. 

HPWM EVO High Pressure and Brush Washing Machine with Rotary table, is designed to wash heavy and complex parts with high pressured water based solution and brushing unit. 

HPWM EVO has providing effectively washing a variety of heavy and complex parts with foot pedal operated high pressure pump and foot pedal operated brush washing.

HPWM EVO has additionally great specification like as;
left side door for easy loading;
trolley with external loading; 
turntable in order to effectively clean parts; 
best viewing window during washing with motorized windscreen wiper;  
IP67 LED lighting system for exceptional visibility....
All in the compact cabinet. 

Trolley with external loading and turning table:
Trolley turntable where heavy items are to be processed it is often easier to load these items externally to the washing cabinet using an overhead crane or forklift truck.

Turntable is an extremely useful system. A fixed turntable inside the machine enables easy maneuverability of the components to be washed. This turntable can run with gear-driven (optional), but in standard model can be manipulated by hand.

HPWM Evo Series, with manual or automatically rotary basket according to your preference, provide the operator with a much easier and controlled washing experience.

Working Space (mm.) : 1100 x 1000 1300 x 1200
Table diameter (mm.) : 600 750
Maximum loading height (mm.) : 600 600
Maximum loading weight (kg.) : 300 400
Tank Capacity (lt.) : 150 175
High pressure pump : standard standard
High pressure pump capacity (bar) : 60 60
Pump Volume (lt/dk.) : 14 14
High pressure pump motor (kW) : 1,1 1,1
Pressure unloader valve : standard standard
Manometer : standard standard
Hand brush washing : standard standard
Hand Brush washing pump (kW) : 0,75 up to 1,5  0,75 up to 1,5
Hand Brush washing pump volume (lt/dk.) : 20 20
Heater (kW) : 15 15
Temperature : 0-90°C 0-90°C
Electric (Voltage/Phase/Frequency) : 220-380-415 / 3 / 50 220-380-415 / 3 / 50
Control Box Voltage 24 DC 24 DC
Air Pressure Needed (Bar) : 6-7 6-7
Foot Switch : standard standard
Front Door Opening : pneumatic piston pneumatic piston
Side Door Opening : manuel manuel
Rotary Table (Turn Table) Manually : standard standard
Rotary Table (Turn Table) Gear Drive : optional optional
High Pressure Washing Gun : standard standard
Hand Brush : standard standard
Air Gun : standard standard
Water Level Switch : standard standard
Automatic Water Feeder : standard standard
Stainless Steel Mesh Filter : standard standard
Precision Filtration : optional optional
Cabin Lighting System : standard standard
Motorized Windscreen Wiper : standard standard
Loading Trolley : standard standard
Tank Insulation : standard standard
Stainless Steel Body AISI430 : standard standard
Stainless Steel Body AISI304 : optional optional
Stainless Steel Body AISI316 : optional optional

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