Multi Process Washing-Rinsing-Drying Machine with High-Pressure Station

Some will tell you that you need 2-3 machines for these operations. But KSP R&D team developed ALL in ONE for 4-5 solutions in one machine and to save space. ALL in ONE, whose design and production is completely owned by KSP Machine; With the feature of being the first and only Automatic Spray Washing-Rinsing and Manual High Pressure Unit Parts Washing Machine; It is one of the designs that proves KSP's leadership in the industry.

It is a faster and more effective cleaning solution to carry out other operations after High Pressure Washing, especially for burnt oil, resin, mechanical dirt and similar dirt that is difficult to clean. On top of that, if your cleaning standards require sensitive cleaning, you may need to apply washing, rinsing and drying processes. This is where ALL in ONE comes into play. Thanks to its compact design, you can save the space required by 2 machines and do all these processes in a single machine. According to preference and application, washing quality can be increased by adding different processes and features such as Drying, Precision Filtration, Automatic Platform, Automatic Loading.

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