Process-Specific Industrial Parts Washing Systems

KSP Machine; Along with standard machine models, it has the ability to R&D, design and manufacture machinery in line with customer needs. Especially the models that have been released recently are the models that have been standardized after these studies. Even though many companies develop products with old methods; KSP is able to present very fast and robust solutions with its Agile Design Method.

Following the feasibility studies carried out in line with customer demands, processes such as Washing, Rinsing, Lubrication, Drying, Passivation, Phosphating are determined. Then, the design is made, and the technical drawings are prepared in the SolidWorks environment and submitted to the customer's approval for final technical compliance before manufacturing. Production planning is made with customer approval and machine manufacturing is started in accordance with the programs. During the machine manufacturing and before the shipment organization, our valued customers are invited to our company headquarters, and controls and trials are carried out.

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