Tunnel Type Continuous Crate Washing Systems with Conveyor Belt

KSP Machine designed its Tunnel Type Crate Washing Systems modularly in order to respond to many different configurations and special requests. Thanks to its compact and functional design, it guarantees minimum water, energy, and detergent consumption.

It can also be designed with 2 conveyors or 2 floors, depending on the need. Also, stackers, spinners and bumpers can be added. Depending on specific demand, we can customize them for washing any type of container, from crates and pallets to all types of trays, RPCs, grids, molds, lids, pots, baskets…

If we come to the reason why we say system; At KSP, we can promise you more than just a washing machine. Machine loading, processing, and unloading can be done completely automatically, and our systems can automatically adjust themselves according to your needs thanks to the placed stacking areas. All you have to do is leave the crates that need to be washed in the stacking area and pick up the washed and clean crates from the stacking area.

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