Universal Compact Washing Systems

UniWash - Universal Compact Washing System has been designed by the KSP R&D team to meet the sensitive and high standard cleaning needs of parts, especially needed in mass production. Its compact structure offers an extremely wide application opportunity and meets different cleaning needs for each user.

UniWash performs the cleaning process by rotating the horizontally positioned basket; With the effect of spraying, dipping, ultrasonic washing and rinsing processes and cleaning liquid, it performs a fast and effective cleaning process in accordance with sensitive cleaning criteria. The parts subjected to this washing process can also be subjected to processes such as passivation, phosphating, rinsing, hot air drying and vacuum drying when necessary.

In our UniWash series models, the parts are placed on the fixtures and prepared for the washing process. After this process, the loading-unloading operations of the fixtures can be performed automatically or manually with the help of the operator, considering the process or customer preference. It is subjected to all surface applications required by the cleaning criteria and other subsequent processes, respectively.

Process flow is entered by the customer (operator) via the Touch Screen. In line with the entered information, the machine applies all processes automatically with the help of a PLC controller.

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