• KSP Machine, on time with a quality beyond customer expectations  delivering customer satisfaction.
• To adopt quality management as a lifestyle and to carry out all activities accordingly.
• To examine the Quality Management System with the principle of continuous improvement and to make necessary corrections.
• To support continuous improvement of employees' training needs and to ensure their effectiveness.
• To be a respected company in the NATIONAL market and then in the INTERNATIONAL market depending on the process.
• To be an environmentally sensitive company in all its activities.
• To act in accordance with customer and / or international standards in the production process.
• To comply with the requirements of CE, ISO9001 and ISO140001 Quality Management System, to ensure the continuity of the quality management system and to update the quality targets according to the conditions of the day in order to reach the determined quality targets.
• Ensure that the Quality Management System is adopted by all employees and updated in accordance with their progress in the process.

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